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Digitization of real-world assets ? Inevitable.

Cryptocoin.Pro is an issuance platform of compliant digital securities for curated projects and companies.

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About CryptoCoin.Pro

More than 30 employees in Romania, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada service private or institutional clients interested in the crypto space. CryptoCoin.PRO is a licensed crypto exchange incorporated in Estonia, operating under EU law and according to international AML and KYC regulations.


Use the best cutting-edge blockchain technology to your advantage via issuing digital securities in regulated environment

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  • Fewer Middlemen
  • Fair Terms
  • Low entry thresholds
  • Efficient


  • Programable Securities
  • Fund raising in Crypto
  • Simplified Shareholder
  • Faster


  • Time to market
  • Instant Settlements
  • Global Liquidity 24/7 access
  • Secure


  • Decentralised Records
  • Transparent and Immutable
  • Hostile takeover protection
  • 20+

    STOs in the pipeline


    Users on the platform

    Asset Tokenization Solutions

    We build for the cryptoworld

    Digital and Tech

    A customized end-to-end tokenized assets issuance platform for issuers and their specific target industry. Issuance companies can tokenize their assets such as commercial or residential real-estate.

    Fiat and Crypto Management

    Strong oversight and management allows you to accurately see your portfolio value and forecasts in order to assess your investments!

    Legal and Compliance

    Our qualified complience department is ready to offer legal frameworks for fundraising, investor qualification rules & transaction limits on transfers

    Primary Market Placement

    Primary market placement means a reduced time of issuance and the reduced costs of issuance.Also, the private placements can be tailored to meet the financing needs of the company and the investing needs of the investor.

    More Compliance
    More Compliance

    An STO insures that your investment is secure and the process of investing is compliant with all the regulations enforced by law. Just like an IPO.

    Liquidity of the Illiquid Assets
    Liquidity of the Illiquid Assets

    An STO allows you to make full use of your assets. Imagine it as splitting your assets into different shares and selling them to your investors.

    Reduction in Illiquidity Discounts/ Liquidity Premiums
    Reduction in Illiquidity Discounts/ Liquidity Premiums

    Since the liquidity will no longer be an issue, so will be the costs associated to illiquidity

    The inclusion of Institutional Investors & Fund Managers
    The inclusion of Institutional Investors & Fund Managers

    Given the regulatory compliant framework, STOs will also be attractive for Institutional Investors & Fund Managers, who are generally known to be risk averse.

    Transparent, Efficient & Scalable
    Transparent, Efficient & Scalable

    An STO is probably the most efficient fund raising method as it opens the door to make full use of your company’s resources, in a transparent and regulated manner.

    Reduction of Spread Charges
    Speed and simplicity

    The spread reduction is a decrease in the difference between what buyers are willing to pay and what sellers are asking meaning that demand reaches offer easy and fast.

    Digital securities offer an advantage to



  • Investor protection built-in in Smart-contracts
  • Fractional ownership of assets with large valuation
  • Immutable ledger security advantages
  • Access to audited and currated projects
  • Instant settlements
  • Issuers


  • Ease of Digitized Investor Relations Management
  • Elaborate and tax-trasparent legal vehicles
  • Expedited time to market
  • Raising investor capital in crypto and fiat
  • Efficient and advanced KYC AML Due Diligence
  • Security Tokens

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    What is Ethereum ?

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    Why trade with Ethereum?

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